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Fokker Dr.1 Plans

Full size authentic replica with up to date safety changes for performance and reliability.

Built in 1970. 

Equipped with a Warner 165 Super Scarab 7 cyl. radial engine.  Lycoming and LeRhone installations are also shown in drawings.


Fokker Dr.1 Specs Grid.JPG

Thank you for your interest in the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane.  The Dr.1 is an exciting aircraft to both build and fly, and makes a rewarding project for an individual or group effort.  

For plan set ordering and pricing information, please contact Ron Jr.  Please provide your location when contacting me. 




The replica drawings I have produced are considered to be the best available anywhere.  They are high quality CONSTRUCTION prints, not to be confused with the average homebuilt drawing which usually lack detail on method and parts.  The drawings are printed from ink on mylar tracings which result in excellent quality prints and show EVERY part as close to full size as possible - with part numbers, specifications and descriptions. 

JANES ALL THE WORLD AIRCRAFT has listed my drawings as an excellent source since the 1980’s.

Complete set contains 31 sheets (24" x 36") highly detailed prints including an 8 page (8-1/2" x 11") Bill of Materials list.  Also included are a 4 page "Building a Fokker Triplane" document plus 9 "Ron's Column" Newsletters all of which contain many construction tips and guidance.

The plans show the complete installations of LeRhone (rotary), Warner (radial) and Lycoming (opposed) engine.  This allows that any engine can be removed and changed with a different type at any time by just removing the engine mount bolts and bolt in the other engine.  


The drawings are complete with instructions on building the jigs required for construction of the wing spars and ribs, with STEP-BY-STEP assembly instructions.

The plans help you to save money in two ways:

  • The PLYWOOD UTILIZATION sheet is worth more than the cost of the complete set of drawings.  

  • The plywood and Sitka SPRUCE UTILIZATION sheets will also save more than $800.00 to $1000.00 on material costs and shipping alone.  This is accomplished by showing the methods to avoid the use of premium length spruce wood.  

Wicks Aircraft Supply Co. has material kits and parts for almost all the items used. 

The drawings are not a rehash of what you may have seen by other people.  All of the original full size FOKKER Dr.1 details are shown.  Many of these details never presented before or lost by previous artists.  For example:

  • Complete LeRhone engine installation

  • WARNER engine installation with all plumbing and controls

  • Lycoming opposed engine installation



  • Original control stick with throttle and gun-trip levers

I have over 40 years of experience in building and perfecting the flying characteristics of the FOKKER TRIPLANE REPLICA to make the aircraft safer and more enjoyable to fly.  Pilots have remarked that it is easier to fly than most other tail-draggers and has been flown by several very low time pilots. All of the wild stories you have heard in the past do not exist with the new replicas - providing you learn how to fly the aircraft correctly.

Hydraulic brakes are shown for safety sake BUT the brake system has been designed not to interfere with the original appearance and is actually an add-on feature to the rudder-bar and can be removed at any time.  Both the original tailskid and steer-able tail-wheel are shown for your choosing and safety.

I have made every effort possible to produce an authentic replica.  The only changes made are in the interest of safety of the pilot and reliability of the aircraft.  In addition to the brake system mentioned above, some of the primary fittings and hardware have been increased in size without a weight penalty.  Since we are not carrying 150 lbs. of guns and ammunition, it is wise to use some of the weight allowance in making the aircraft stronger and more reliable.

The replica FOKKER Dr.1 is not a difficult aircraft to build nor does it have to be an expensive project providing you don't rush construction and use common sense in purchasing materials.  Construction costs (less engine) are usually between $15,000.00 to $22,000.00.  An engine can cost anywhere from $5,000.00 to $25,000.00 depending on what model you use.  (These estimates are 1995 averages.) 

Construction time varies from 1 to 5 years depending on your enthusiasm and the amount of time you can allot to the construction.  

Because of the ramifications currently present in the homebuilt aircraft field, a BUYER'S AGREEMENT is required to be signed by you and your spouse and must be notarized and returned to me BEFORE any drawings can be sent.  The original signed and notarized agreement must be sent to Ron, Jr.  No copies or emailed scans will be accepted.


Contact Ron via email for the Dr.1 Information Package which includes the latest prices including postage and insurance.  Buyers Agreement and Agreement Processing Instructions can be sent after reviewing the Information Package.

For prompt shipment in USA (domestic), remit by U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER or payment can be made via PAYPAL.  I prefer PAYPAL.  I will send an electronic invoice to you via email.  The invoice can be satisfied with a credit card if you do not have a PAYPAL account.

For international orders (including Canada and Mexico), remit by U.S. BANK MONEY ORDER or BANK CERTIFIED CHECK drawn on a U.S. Bank or via PAYPAL (see info above).  Purchaser is responsible for any currency valuation differences.  Use this currency converter to calculate cost


Buyer is responsible for any applicable taxes and fees - including STATE SALES TAX and/or CUSTOMS FEES.

In closing, the replica FOKKER Dr.1 TRIPLANE is a very rewarding project especially when you consider the completed, saleable value of over $50,000.00 for a carefully constructed replica for air show and promotional work.  There are very few homebuilt aircraft with this value.

lf you wish to build an authentic full-size FOKKER Dr.1 TRIPLANE Replica, then these are the drawings you will need.  Get the best info you can when building, do not compare drawings on a price basis.  Some plan sets cost less and others cost much more.  None of the other drawings available are as complete or instructive and provide value to the builder as the RON SANDS drawings.  NO OTHERS COME CLOSE!  

Dr.1 Plans Sheet 26.JPG

Dr.1 Plans Sheet 26

3 View, Specifications, Weight & Balance, Finishing Materials

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